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Indian Bridal Portraits

While we know that couple portraits and your first look will be the most beloved photos taken on your wedding day, bridal portraits come in a close third. You’re feeling more beautiful today than ever before, about to marry the person who sees how stunning you are every day. We love the way a photographer can capture those intimate bridal moments for you to remember long after the blur of your wedding is over.

Sure, candid photos have got you covered and will capture you in your glorious bridal moments throughout your wedding revelries. But as a bride, you can't simply rely on only candids. Your wedding album is definitely incomplete without some epic picturesque bridal portraits.

I am Sachin Joshi from Bhopal. I am a wedding photographer in Bhopal.

Here are some Bridal Portraits clicked by me -

In frame - Alka Asnani

In frame - Rolly Sahay

In frame - Stutee Tiwari

In frame - Megha Tiwari

In frame - Rachna Jadeja

You have put your bridal fineries on, the wedding venue is decked up, and the excitement is palpable. Your wedding day is charged with energy and you’ll want to capture every poignant experience behind the lens. These pictures will become your repository of memories to get transported to the mise en scène years later, and also an instant gratification (think social media uploads the next day). Such is the power of photographs—they are the ultimate keepsakes for posterity. This is why picking the right wedding photographer is an essential part of the planning process.

Contact me for Photoshoot on - +91 9977220193

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